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Inside Music City Podcast


I meet a lot of amazing people in Nashville every week and thought you might like to meet them too! So I called up Tyler, one of my best friends, and told him my idea.

We were going to start a podcast! It's easy! 
All we had to do was turn on my phone and record our conversations!

To make it better for you, after each episode I'm going to write a post that gives you specific and actionable steps you can take to climb the ladder of the music industry and help you monetize your passion for music. 

Now for you music lovers out there that may not care to make money with music, I hope that you will be entertained by our guests and conversations. It's fun to learn about the lives of people you may have heard on the radio. It's great to learn the inner workings of a city that is rich with history. And maybe one day if you visit Nashville, it will feel like your second home. 

At the time I'm writing this, we've talked to people who have traveled the world, gotten arrested on false charges, set up charities, lost loved ones to cancer, and would rather join zombies than fight them. 

Tyler and I are so excited to share these stories and so much more with you. I hope you listen, learn, and enjoy as we go on this journey together. 

Jordan Conover
Founder: Inside Music City Podcast